[Maxscript] Rappatools 3.4

If you use 3d Studio Max you should check out Rappatools by Remus Juncu. It is an awesome tool set and I use it on a daily basis since it simplifies and streamlines so many things in 3d Studio Max. I highly recommend to spend some time and look into the script and its features. It saves me a lot of time on a daily basis and I love the regular free updates with new features!

Here is a video of just the new features of version 3.4

Also, go and check out his Youtube channel for more videos on Rappatools and other useful scripts. You can find the entire guide for the script here

[Workshop] LCAD Demo and Mentoring

I did another talk at LCAD on 02/22/15 for the Alumni weekend showing my workflow for creating hardsurface highpoly meshes in Max and Zbrush. It was a blast to meet everyone and to do the demo! Here is the schedule for the event:

Alumni Reunion Tour 2015 

  • 12:00-2:00 PM We kick off the weekend with a special gathering for alumni on MC.
  • 2:00 PM We will convene at BB9 for the first two alumni presentations
  • 4:00PM Council Member Moby Francke will be joining us to give a  2D character workshop in BB5.
  • 10:00 Alumni presentations
  • 12:30 Food Trucks
  • 1:30  Tamara Bakalycheva and Simon Fuchs will be joining us for 3D character and 3D environment demos to round out the weekend.
I also had a chance to come in for mentoring night and give the students feedback on their portfolio and artwork. It was inspiring to work with so many talented students! I will do that again in the future so if you are a student at LCAD and have questions about environment art or game art in general, feel free to come in and ask your questions!
Here are some pictures from the event: