[Substance Designer] – Creating Procedural Materials with Hugo Beyer

Hey guys,

I`m trying to learn substance designer lately and have found this awesome tutorial by Hugo Beyer. It is really in depth and gives you an overview on how to create a cobblestone texture. It`s a great tutorial and teaches you how to use the tool. There is a section at the beginning that explains the benefits of using procedurally generated textures as well.

Check out Hugo`s Artstation page for a lot of cool artwork from The Order 1886 and his vimeo channel for more tutorials.

[ZBRUSH] – Sculpting Damage – Alphas and Brushes

Hey everyone,

I found these aswesome Zbrush brushes/ alphas by Paul Tosca for sculpting damage.


The brushes can be downloaded through this link (I`ve reuploaded them to mediafire to save on traffic for Paul).
These are super useful and should help you save some time if you need to sculpt damage. Here is an example asset that Paul created with these:


You can read the entire polycount thread here with many more images and examples on how they have been used.

Thanks to Paul for sharing!