[Tutorial] Ultimate Hardsurface Tutorial: Turretgun

I`ve just released my latest tutorial and my biggest personal project so far – The Ultimate Hardsurface Tutorial for the Turretgun. I`ve been working on this for a LONG time – more then 9 months of my spare time and am so stoked that it is finally ready to be released!

This tutorial covers the entire creation process of this high quality, PBR game asset from the block out to the final mesh in over 40 hours of video. All of the important steps and most of the video is commented on, nothing is left out. In addition to modeling in 3dsmax you will learn how to use Modo`s meshfusion in combination with Zbrush to quickly create hardsurface shapes as well how to use Keyshot to create state of the art renderings of the final Highpoly mesh.

You can get it on gumroad or cubebrush. Use coupon code *Code: HS30OFF* to get 30% off for a limited time for the launch of the tutorial.

There are more images as well as a marmoset viewer file on my artstation

If you are interested, please check out the trailer for the tutorial here:

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[Artwork] Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void War Council

This is the War Council set from Starcraft II Legacy of the Void. It was the first set that we have built for the expansion. During the creation of this set I was in charge of the blockout and assembly of the set as well as modeling, texturing, final detailing and final lighting. In addition, I lit all non cut scene conversations on this set.

I worked on this set with the awesome storymode team here at Blizzard Entertainment:
Justin Thavirat (Art Direction), Jesse Brophy (Art Direction, Initial Lighting, Rock Models, Effects), Troy Perry (Initial Model for Background Walkways), Gaetan Montaudouin (Initial Floor Model, Table Model, Door Model) and Martin Holmberg (Background Planets). All characters have been created by the Starcraft II character team.

Please check out my facebook page as well as my artstation

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[Artwork] Photon Cannon Starcraft II

Here are the final renders for my modeling tutorial that is going to be released in the upcoming Vertex magazine. Please click the images for full resoltion. Modeled in 3D Studio Max and Zbrush, rendered in Keyshot.

I am also doing a modeling demo / lecture on this asset so if you are a school or art institute and are looking for lectures feel free to email me.

For more of my work, please take a look at my artstation or website.

Blizzcon artist stage

Hey guys,

I had a chance to do an art demo at Blizzcon on the artists stage this year. It was a blast and there were some awesome people on stage with me. Here are some testrenders of the result – I`m planing on refining it some more and making a tutorial on it. Click on the images for higher resolution.