[Tutorial] – Efficient Highpoly Modeling in Vertex 3 Magazine

Hey guys,

Vertex 3 has finally been released! You can download it here and check out all the awesome concent! Please check out my tutorial on page 198 as well! It`s over 20 pages and covers the process of creating the Protoss Cannon Fan art that you can find here.

A huge thank you to Ryan Hawkins for putting it all together and getting the book out. There is so much awesome information in there that you owe it to yourself to read it. And the best thing about it – It`s free!

Check out Cubebrush.co

Hey guys,

My friend Marc Brunet is going to launch the new version of his website cubebrush soon. It is comparable to gumroad but with better usability and including useful features like a search function. Make sure to sign up through this link to get $5 in store credit (as will I if you use this link).

There are already a ton of great tutorials available on the current site, both for free and for purchase, including some free ones that I`ve made. You can see them here and here.

Can`t wait to see whats available for purchase once it launches and upload some new material!

[Artwork] Photon Cannon Starcraft II

Here are the final renders for my modeling tutorial that is going to be released in the upcoming Vertex magazine. Please click the images for full resoltion. Modeled in 3D Studio Max and Zbrush, rendered in Keyshot.

I am also doing a modeling demo / lecture on this asset so if you are a school or art institute and are looking for lectures feel free to email me.

For more of my work, please take a look at my artstation or website.

[Substance Designer] – Creating Procedural Materials with Hugo Beyer

Hey guys,

I`m trying to learn substance designer lately and have found this awesome tutorial by Hugo Beyer. It is really in depth and gives you an overview on how to create a cobblestone texture. It`s a great tutorial and teaches you how to use the tool. There is a section at the beginning that explains the benefits of using procedurally generated textures as well.

Check out Hugo`s Artstation page for a lot of cool artwork from The Order 1886 and his vimeo channel for more tutorials.